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Kaua'i, Hawai'i - January 2009Hello. My name is Mario Giaquinto and I am an Aerospace Engineer. Not really something related with Maradona, right?

But... I am from Naples, the city where Maradona played his best football, and therefore I felt from my heart that a tribute to him was absolutely necessary. My small contribution to say to him: "thank you, Diego".

Currently I am working as an engineer for an aeronautical company in Italy, and in the past I worked a few times for different international tv channels here in Naples as a guide/interpreter.

I am a fan of the Napoli football team, and I have been lucky to enjoy all the magic years, when the greatest football player in the world ever, Diego Armando Maradona, played here enchanting the world.

Apart from being a huge football fan, I have many hobbies and interests: of course I love everything about computers and internet, I like music (especially Spanish and Latin music). I like aeronautics, aerospace, astronomy. I enjoy writing and speaking in English and Spanish languages.
I love to travel, particularly abroad, and when I have enough time and money I always pack my bags and leave to explore the world. I also visited Argentina a few years ago, and it is such a wonderful country.

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