Pictures of Maradona with Argentina


1. (Mexico 1986) Diego Maradona receives the World Cup
2. (Mexico 1986) Diego kisses the cup: now he is the King of soccer
3. (Mexico 1986) The triumph for Maradona, the world champion
4. (Mexico 1986) Another picture of Maradona's triumph
5. (Mexico 1986) The famous "Hand of God" against England
6. (Mexico 1986) Another picture of the "Hand of God"
7. (Mexico 1986) A picture of the second fantastic goal against England
8. (Mexico 1986) Diego celebrates after his wonderful goal against England
9. (Mexico 1986) A stamp by the Maldives representing Maradona
10. (Mexico 1986) The stamps of Argentina for the victory of the world cup
11. (Mexico 1986) Diego against the German defenders in the world cup final
12. (Mexico 1986) Diego in action against South Korea
13. (Mexico 1986) Another picture of Maradona against South Korea
14. (Mexico 1986) Maradona's goal against Italy
15. (Mexico 1986) El Gráfico 1986: "Don't cry for me, England"
16. (Mexico 1986) El Gráfico 1986: "We destroyed Belgium"
17. (Mexico 1986) El Gráfico 1986: "World champions!"
18. (Mexico 1986) A beautiful photo of Maradona, the magician of soccer
19. (España 1982) Maradona alone against six players of Belgium
20. (Italia 1990) Diego's historical assist to Caniggia in Brazil v Argentina 0-1
21. (Italia 1990) Maradona against the Italian player Schillaci
22. (Italia 1990) Semifinal vs Italy: Diego scores the penalty against Zenga
23. (USA 1994) Maradona's happiness after his goal against Greece
24. (USA 1994) The Greek players can stop Maradona only with fouls...
25. (USA 1994) ... and the same happens to the Nigerians!
26. (USA 1994) Maradona celebrates after scoring his goal against Greece
27. (USA 1994) Happiness after the second goal of Argentina against Nigeria
28. (USA 1994) Diego playing against Nigeria
29. (USA 1994) A training session of the greatest player ever
30. (USA 1994) Ghana celebrates USA94 with a stamp in honor of Diego
31. (USA 1994) Maradona will be forever the captain of Argentina
32. (USA 1994) The front page of El Gráfico after the victory against Greece
33. (Youth World Cup, Japan 1979) Diego wins the Youth World Cup in Japan
34. (Youth World Cup, Japan 1979) Diego lifts the Youth World Cup
35. (Wembley, 1980) Diego playing at Wembley against England in 1980
36. (Mordillo) In a drawing by Mordillo there are some fans of Maradona

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