Pictures of Maradona with Boca Juniors


1. Maradona entering the "Bombonera" in 1981
2. Diego celebrates a goal
3. "La 12", with the fanatic supporters of Boca, goes crazy after a goal
4. A banner in Bs. Aires: "On Oct.30 1960 God was born, today he is 37"
5. Maradona converts a penalty
6. In the Bombonera: "Diego, thank you, thank you. Thank you forever."
7. Diego training in 1997, before his comeback to Boca
8. A historic moment: Maradona signs the contract with Boca in 1981
9. Maradona's happiness in 1981, when he won the title with Boca Juniors
10. Diego shouts for joy after a goal
11. Diego enters the Bombonera with the ball in his hand
12. Maradona celebrates with his teammates
13. Diego and Caniggia crying for joy after the 4-1 win against River Plate
14. The giant flag of the fans of Boca
15. A wallpaper for Windows (800x600) about Maradona in Boca Juniors
16. A kite dedicated to Diego
Click here for the pictures of the historical homenaje match of November 10, 2001 in the Bombonera.

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