Eternal Master of  the Ball

We saw him rise, we saw him fall
The eternal master of the ball
He went for goals, he showed his tricks
The greatest one of Eighty-Six

He dominated the ball for years
And his opponents stood there in tears
He made England cry, the Germans, too
And became a god in white and blue

Nobody would ever top him
Only drugs were the ones to stop him
But even after one year's break
The star returned, it ain't a fake

And played fantastic in Ninety-Four
which nobody ever could ignore
But now he faced his darkest days
when FIFA took him off the race

But let's remember his times of joy:
He once had been a poor-born boy
Who touched the sky and won and won
And brought his fans a lot of fun

Who left the others not a chance
on the field, when he started to dance.
Maradona, he's called like this,
The master and the player we miss !

                        Author: Oliver Zajonz