January 2, 2005

The year in which Maradona came back to life

Marina Zucchi (reporter of Clarín newspaper) giornalista@ubbi.com

    When the clock stroke midnight, Maradona left behind 12 intense months in which his new relapse into addiction was, with no doubt, the news that shocked the world.
    Connected to a respirator and in bad conditions, in April he suffered a respiratory failure which, together with other diseases, forced him to stay in a hospital for three months.
    This sad event however also proved to be useful as he understood that he would react against the hell of drug addiction, and, even more, confirmed that the love of his fans is still intact. To prove this, let us just remember that hundreds of fans gathered in front of the Buenos Aires clinic where he was fighting against death, such as if the clinic was a football stadium.
    The pages of the calendar will also say that after his stay in the hospital there was a long silence with no news about him, a trip to the oasis that he loves most (Cuba) and a comeback to Argentina. This tour allowed him to meet his greatest loves: his daughters and Boca Juniors, which won the Copa Sudamericana after a bad year of football failures. He was the main guest in the majestic Bombonera stadium. 
     These days he went to watch tennis matches in Buenos Aires, participated in photo campaigns for charity and declared that he feels "like a 18-year-old boy" because he lives at his parents' who are "taking care of me and cuddling me all day long". In the meanwhile, the eternal "number 10" keeps fighting against the ghost that for a while took him away from life. Let us hope that the story will have a happy ending, as happy as the moment of that goal he scored in Mexico for the whole world.