9th November 2003

Golf and words after a long silence

By  MARINA ZUCCHI (reporter of Clarํn)

e-mail: giornalista@ubbi.com


At 43 years he might have lost his sportsman body, his breathing capacity or his fresh and innocent look, but there is something that time can't take away from him: this mental capacity to answer in a clever way to the most complicated questions.

         Diego does not play in a football stadium anymore, but he still plays with words, as if this game could make him stay alive on the scene, shining at least in another way.

After a long period of silence, we have been starting to get used to since he went to Cuba, he was interviewed in La Habana.

The Argentinean sports channel TyC travelled to Las Praderas to report about his life far from his beloved Argentina. And the camera lens showed a picture of a Diego tied to his new passion for golf, who spends his days missing his daughters, but who does not leave his Cuban paradise for the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere he has found there. A peace he had never found in his home country.

“I would love to meet Michael Jordan. For me it would be more important than getting to know the president of Argentina, it is a dream. Jordan should be the president of USA”, he started, and he suddenly forgot the tv cameras and kept on talking. Later he said “I care about my life just for the good of my daughters. My own life doesn't matter too much, because Claudia is away from my life and I don't receive love anymore”.

Among other subjects, there were some personal moments in which he remembered his parents, saying: “My father and my mother gave me everything they could. Some people say that I was not grown up well, but the truth is that I didn't learn well, and that is different”. And he said “T้vez is the best”, talking about the young star of Boca Juniors who is the new sensation of Argentinean football.

In a good mood and trying to be a “juggler” with his golf club, he clearly said that Cuba is, without doubts, the best shelter away from flashes and press.

In the meanwhile, in Argentina, the Maradona museum started by his wife is already getting ready to leave. On November 15th the exhibition will close in Buenos Aires starting a world tour in which thousands of people from different parts of the world, wishing to contemplate sports memorabilia, will have the chance to admire more than 600 items preserved during his whole career. And they will be able to be astonished again by Maradona's best legacy: his goals, shown on a big screen.

Translation: Mario Giaquinto