March 20, 2004

A sad and betrayed "10" travelled to Bolivia

 MARINA ZUCCHI (reporter of Clarín)    E-mail:

Five days in Bolivia were enough to awake the admiration of those who are too young and therefore have never seen him playing.
An invitation by the football player Daniel Valencia and the opening of the soccer lessons of the Aurora club were a good excuse to let the best football player ever leave for a while his shelter in Havana to travel to the Bolivian cities of Santa Cruz and Cochabamba.

Diego spent his free time as he has been often doing lately: afternoons playing golf, in the Country Club Cochabamba, a hobby that since he retired from football has become his most important therapy. For the Bolivians the most important thing was the declaration by Diego that Bolivia should be conceded access to the sea: "If the USA can make war en Iraq, also Bolivia also should get, in peace, access to the sea", he said.

But in Argentina what got the highest resonance in press and tv was the break up of his friendship with his former manager, Guillermo Coppola. In some tv programs he publicly declared that his manager had kept some money that he was not expected to get. And at the same time Diego appeared very sad for what had happened.

"Money is important, but I lost other things that hurt me even more. We were like brothers, now I am living with what I had never expected, a hell. I try to play golf, to accomplish the things I have promised, but I can't, because I am not happy. I'd like to talk with Guillermo to know what happened. I told him that everything was for my daughters, and maybe he misunderstood my words thinking that I didn't want anything for me. Or maybe someone else gave him a bad suggestion. There is a lot of money missing, but first of all I want to talk to him. One thing is sure, that the one who played with my daughters' future will pay for that. Whoever he might be", he said with a very sad voice.

Rumours say that Diego is not in a very good moment with money now. That is why people are waiting for the 22nd of March when Diego goes back to his home country where he will also give a press conference.

The "paparazzi" of Argentina, of course, can't wait for his arrival.