June 6, 2004

The number 10 plays a good role in the middle of a healthy silence

Written by Marina Zucchi (reporter of Clarín) giornalista@ubbi.com

Very few news about him now. Closed in a new clinic since May 9th, official information comes just from those small texts of the medical reports.

But this is so much better. At least this is what the people who love him think. They know that a new exhibition such as the one in his apparent improvement, when the tv cameras of the show hosted by Susana Giménez featured him as guest star, would just be new business, and would do nothing better than underlining once again how useful his figure still is to fill with money many people's pockets.

Around him there is just silence. The silence he needs to continue his treatment to get away from the hell of the drugs and to get off that ring where he is still pushed against the corner. But this silence, asked by his family, and made possible thanks to many sectors of press which are at his side, nobody knows how long it will last.

Since that wrong tv appearance, when he wanted to convince everybody that he was feeling better, while not even he was sure about that, many things have happened but few have been reported by the paparazzi. Is this "treaty of peace" what makes it possible? Or is it just due to the clinic that does not allow anybody search any further news?

One thing is sure, there is good news. "Positive news" keeping in mind how bad he was feeling just before entering the new clinic and remembering that for the clinic it is not easy to deal with a guest with the size of Diego.

Diego Maradona "is getting an important improvement on the psychopathological side" in his rehabilitation and is in "a good mood". This is what the latest medical report says. And to confirm this we must add the asados shared with the doctors of the hospital, the 20 kg lost and his golf matches.

Another activity he spends time with are the matches of Roland Garros, where the Argentinian tennis players are playing a big role, and the little fitness classes with medical supervision.

This is not a clinic specialized in addictions, and the most likely chance is that soon "Pelusa" will get ready to leave to start a more specific treatment, even though the options in Brazil and Switzerland seems to have been refused by the same Diego.

If Gardel saw him...

When he was interned in dangerous situation in the "Suizo Argentina" clinic, the banners that filled the wall near the entrance expressed the sad feeling of the Argentinians and also their support: "when Diego gets a cold, Argentina sneezes"; "Start flying again, little cosmic barrel"; "God don't take your brother with you"; "God exists, he is just relaxing"; "Come on Diego, we are breathing with you"; "You will live forever, God wants no competition"; "If your heart gets cured, mine gets happy".....

People showed their love in a lot of ways, and a passionate group said they would offer their heart if the only chance for Diego to live were a transplant: "Diego, if your heart depends on your heart, I am giving you mine so that you can still give us happiness".

Now there is an interesting story that lets us make a comparison: his wishes to sing and record tangos in his free time, almost as a therapy. Of course, he can't be as good as Carlos Gardel, but his mythical figure has already overtaken the one of the famous zorzal criollo, with all the respect for the "infinite" voice that His Majesty Gardel deserves.