Pictures of Maradona in Naples


1. More than 60,000 people greet Diego at his arrival in the "San Paolo"
2. "Maradona forever in our hearts"
3. Maradona is the leader of Napoli
4. Diego goes around the defenders of Milan and scores a fantastic goal
5. Maradona's happiness
6. Diego dances tango after his second goal against Bologna
7. Maradona celebrating after a goal
8. "History prescribed a day: 10/5/1987" - the first Scudetto for Napoli
9. The two captains Diego Maradona and Franco Baresi in Napoli-Milan
10. Maradona kisses Carmando, the Napoli massager, before a match
11. Maradona converts the penalty in the UEFA Cup final against Stuttgart
12. Maradona's fantastic backheel
13. Maradona with the Supercoppa Italiana
14. A fantastic goal by Diego with a diving header against Sampdoria
15. Diego against his brother Hugo in Napoli-Ascoli 2-1 of 1987
16. "Naples has three beautiful things: the bay, the Vesuvius and Maradona"
17. A banner of the Vesuvius with the names of the Napoli players of 1987
18. A caricatural mural representing Maradona and Platini
19. A mural with St. Gennaro, patron of Naples, with Diego between his arms
20. A mural painting of Diego Maradona in a street of Naples
21. A photo of the "San Paolo" stadium, on the day of the first Scudetto
22. Diego with the team of the first Scudetto in 1986-87
23. The team of the second Scudetto (1989-90)
24. Maradona 10
25. The "MaGiCa" with MAradona, GIordano, CAreca
26. Maradona, the king, with the Royal Palace of Naples in the background
27. Diego celebrates the first Scudetto at the end of Napoli-Fiorentina 1-1
28. Italian and foreign newspapers celebrate the victory of the first Scudetto
29. A sculpture representing Maradona by Lello Esposito
30. Lello Esposito working with the Maradona sculptures
31. In Naples football is a religion: here is St. GennArmando
32. A free-kick by Diego against Pescara on a Japanese phone card
33. Diego with the Napoli jersey on a Japanese phone card
34. Another Japanese telephone card with Maradona in Napoli
35. A street of Naples after the victory (1987) of the first Scudetto
36. Guerin Sportivo magazine of the Scudetto of 1987
37. The Argentine magazine "El Gráfico" of the first Scudetto for Napoli
38. The fans of Napoli celebrate Diego's return to Italy in 1998
39. A poster of Maradona playing with Napoli
40. In the stadium of Naples: "Diego, you are the Carlos Gardel of football"
41. Maradona celebrates with his teammates after Careca's goal in Stuttgart

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