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March 28, 2005:
March 2005 newsletter.

January 2, 2005:
January 2005 newsletter.

July 28, 2004:
July newsletter.

July 5, 2004:
Exactly 20 years ago, 5th July 1984, Maradona is presented to the Napoli fans in the San Paolo. Sixty thousand people pay 1000 Lire for the entrance ticket to see the new magician who had just arrived under the shadow of the Vesuvius.

June 6, 2004:
June newsletter.

May 10, 2004:
17 years ago... the city of Naples is a big carnival: Maradona's Napoli wins the Italian league title for the first time in its history.

April 20 / May 7, 2004:
Special reports about Diego's health

April 20, 2004:
Special edition newsletter.

April 10, 2004:
April newsletter.

April 5, 2004:
Great news for the visitors of We are proud to announce the opening of the Maradona forum where you can talk about Diego and meet many fans like you from all over the world. Click here to enter!

April 2, 2004:
On the home page of there is now a small box named "Did you know that..." containing some short stories and trivia about Maradona. The text displayed changes every time you load the page, and we are working to add more and more stories. Let us know what you think about it.

April 1, 2004:

Sixteen years ago, on the 1st of April of 1988, the Soviet newspaper Izvestia reported that Maradona was in negotiations to join Spartak Moscow, who were to pay him $6 million. They later admitted it was an April's fool joke, but only after the news was disseminated by the Associated Press!

March 20, 2004:
March newsletter.

February 23, 2004:
The book "Diego Armando Maradona: fango, oro e polvere" by Cipriano Algore has just been published in Italy. More info on the Bevivino Editore website.

February 7, 2004:
February newsletter.

January 1, 2004:
Happy New Year 2004! The January newsletter is now online.

December 1, 2003:
December newsletter.

November 14, 2003:
Maradona has arrived in China. Among the many activities schedules for the next days, Diego will also take part in a conference at the University of Beijing where he will talk about his life and about today's football.

November 9, 2003:
The November newsletter is now available. Click here to read it!

November 7, 2003:
We are proud to announce that starting next week, will provide a monthly newsletter written by Marina Zucchi, a reporter of Clarín, the most popular newspaper in Argentina. More info will be posted on these pages in the next days.

October 30, 2003:
Happy Birthday Diego! 43 years of a legend.

October 4, 2003:
The "Maradona's night", scheduled for October 10, has been cancelled for technical reasons. Anyway, a new date is expected to be announced soon.

October 2, 2003:
Next day Friday October 10 MARADONA COMES BACK TO NAPLES after more than 13 years! The San Paolo stadium will certainly be full for the "Maradona's night". More details to come in the next days, as soon as a more detailed program of the night will be announced! Come back here often, we'll let you know as soon as possible!

October 1, 2003:
An exhibition completely dedicated to Maradona was inaugurated in Buenos Aires. The exhibition, named "M10", holds more than 4000 items of Maradona's life, from his first steps in the Cebollitas youth team, through his years in Naples, and his trophies with Argentina. In the next months the exhibition will be moved to other cities of Argentina, while next year it will probably be moved to Europe.

September 4, 2003:
Maradona will be the main guest of the Italian football program "Venerdì Biscardi" LIVE on "La7" channel, every Friday night at 9.30 pm Italian time. Don't miss it!

May 20, 2003:
For the first time ever, Maradona met his young Neapolitan son, Diego Jr., who is now 16 years old. The little Diego travelled to Fiuggi on purpose to meet his father. They met on a golf course and had a long conversation together.

May 10, 2003:
Today is the 16th anniversary from the first historical Scudetto won by Napoli after the match vs Fiorentina (see photo). Maradona celebrated in the San Paolo stadium and the city became crazy for the triumph. A day that will always be remembered in the hearts of Neapolitan people.

May 9, 2003:
According to Italian press, Maradona will be coming back to Italy for a few days to the town of Fiuggi (near Rome). He was invited by Giuseppe Incocciati, former Napoli player, and town council member for sports in Fiuggi.

April 15, 2003:
The city council of Naples approved, with absolute majority, to name the San Paolo stadium in honor of Diego Maradona. According to Italian laws, anyway, public places and streets can be named after a person only ten years after his death. That is why today the stadium is still named San Paolo.

October 1, 2002:
Last weekend Maradona was the guest-star of the Italian show "C'è posta per te". After a few days in Fiuggi with his friend and former Napoli player Incocciati, Diego flew back to Cuba.

September 16, 2002:
Maradona is expected to come to Italy on September 27th to take part in the TV show "C'è posta per te" on Canale 5. The rumors also say that he can come to Naples for a quick visit. This would be the first time ever since his farewell in April 1991. More details will certainly be available in the next days.

August 9, 2002:
Starting early September, Maradona will present on a regular basis the "Maradona show" tv program in Argentina. After being football player and coach, he will now host his personal tv program together with Guillermo Coppola. Diego will interview famous people, among them also Carlos Menem and Fidel Castro.

July 19, 2002:
The Napoli team, for the first time in its history, won't wear a light blue shirt. The new shirt for the 2002/03 championship is with blue & white vertical stripes, like the one of Argentina. In honor of Diego.

June 30, 2002:
Maradona was at the Yokohama stadium to watch the final of the World Cup 2002.

June 19, 2002:
Diego Maradona has been the most voted player in the poll for the "Dream Team" on the FIFA official website Diego is the favorite for the people, with Pelé ranked second once again...

June 12, 2002:
Argentina is sadly out of the world cup 2002, after the 1-1 draw vs Sweden. is close to all the people of Argentina in such a difficult moment. Vamos Argentina todavía!

June 7, 2002:
Japan finally allowed the visa to Maradona. Diego will travel to the world cup in the next days.

May 30, 2002:
The worldwide poll organized on the official FIFA website chose Diego's fantastic goal against England as the best ever scored in a world cup. The difference with the other goals is outstanding: 18062 votes went to Diego against the 10631 for Owen's goal vs Argentina (France 98) and 9880 for Pelé vs Sweden (1958). The 4th best goal was once again scored by Maradona: it is his second wonder against Belgium in the semifinals in Mexico.

May 27, 2002:
With a suprising decision, FIFA did not allow Argentina to retire the #10 jersey in the next World Cup as a tribute to Maradona. Rumours from FIFA said that there was not going to be any problem and that the 23 Argentine players would have used the "camisetas" from #1 to #24, apart from the 10. But in the end FIFA did not allow it and the number 10 must now be used by Ariel Ortega.Argentine press, but especially the players, did not agree at all. Simeone, Verón and many more stars expressed their sadness. "Diego was the best, this is a bad decision" Verón said.

April 11, 2002:
Even though Diego started playing golf only three months ago, his progresses are so good and quick that he could become a star of this sport. Eduardo Romero, one of the best Argentinian golf players, was surprised by his skill. There are rumours of a possible participation of Maradona in an international golf tournament for famous vips that will be held in Scotland next July.

March 20, 2002:
Diego has played for 30 minutes in the farewell match of Carlos Hermosillo. The match was played between the Mexican team of Cruz Azul and a team of "Amigos de Hermosillo", where all the players were wearing the number 27 (like Hermosillo), apart from Maradona who, of course, played with his number 10...

March 15, 2002:
Maradona is currently in Mexico to get ready for the match of next March 19, when he will play in the farewell match of Carlos Hermosillo, former star of the Mexican soccer team.

November 16, 2001:
In the Photo Gallery you can now download a wallpaper.

November 14, 2001:
It is now online a detailed Photo Gallery of the Maradona farewell match.

November 12, 2001:
All the information about the Maradona farewell match, with articles and pictures, available in the special section.

November 7, 2001:
Diego said: "I want to play for 100 minutes"... he feels very well and ready to share this great party with all the Maradona fans from Argentina and from every other country in the world.

November 6, 2001:
Diego arrived in Buenos Aires and during his press conference talked about next Saturday's match. He also presented the list of the players who will play in the international team against Maradona and today's Argentina team. They are: Oscar Córdoba, René Higuita, Jorge Bermúdez, Mauricio Serna, Carlos Valderrama, Ivan Córdoba and Juan Pablo Angel (Colombia); Enzo Francescoli, Fabián Carini, Alvaro Recoba and Paolo Montero (Uruguay); Nolberto Solano (Perú); Carlos Gamara (Paraguay); Ciro Ferrara (Italia); Hristo Stoichkov (Bulgaria); Eric Cantoná (Francia); Davor Suker (Croatia); Romario (Brazil), Román Riquelme, Pedro Troglio, Leo Rodríguez and the Schelotto twins (Argentina).

November 3, 2001:
Thousands of people in long lines at the ticket offices in Buenos Aires to buy the tickets for the Maradona match.

October 30, 2001:
Happy Birthday DIEGO!! Thank you again for all the joy you gave us.

October 29, 2001:
Maradona travels back to Cuba to continue his preparation for the match of Nov 10. Diego meets Fidel Castro and shows to him his new tattoo on the leg which represents the Cuban leader. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

October 26, 2001:
The cheapest tickets for the Maradona match will be sold in Buenos Aires starting November 2nd. For more information, check the special section.

October 20, 2001:
Today it's the 25th anniversary of Maradona's debut in Argentina: on October 20, 1976, Diego marks his debut in the Argentina first division in the second half of the match Argentinos Juniors - Talleres de Córdoba. We have prepared an article (in Spanish) about that memorable day. Click here to read it.

October 17, 2001:
Diego was operated to his left knee in Cali, Colombia. The doctor said that Diego WILL play the match of November 10, and that this operation was needed for him to get in better shape for the match. Diego's manager and friend Guillermo Coppola said that he is in very good conditions and that the match is 100% confirmed. And he added: "For Diego this match is like a World Cup Final".

October 14, 2001:
In Argentina there are strong rumors that Diego could PLAY with Boca against Bayern Munich in the final of the Intercontinental Cup in Tokyo on November 27. Diego was absolutely fascinated by the idea, but it will certainly be difficult and as he said: "for me, just being invited is fantastic. I will wear the Boca jersey even if I won't play". But in Argentina the Boca fans have already started to dream to see him in the match... we'll wait and see what happens.
October 11, 2001:
Maradona is currently in Cali, Colombia, to continue his training for the tribute match of November 10. After some days in Cali, Diego will travel to Frankfurt, Germany, to complete his preparation and he will go back to Argentina on November 2, just a few days before the match.
October 4, 2001:
Maradona invited Fidel Castro to his match: "I want to invite Fidel, the only living legend in the world. I know that he has many more important things to do... many famous people are coming, but if Fidel comes, at this point it doesn't matter if I will play the game or not!". But don't worry... Maradona will be there and it will be a memorable match!
September 26, 2001:
The football authorities of Argentina decided that, starting from November 14th, the #10 shirt of Argentina will be retired forever, as a tribute to Diego Armando Maradona. The decision was taken from all the members of the committee of the Asociación del Fútbol Argentino (AFA). It will be effective from November 14th, after the Argentina vs Uruguay match and just a few days after the Maradona match of the Bombonera.
The Italian Napoli team had already retired his #10 last year, now there's just Boca Juniors missing...
September 20, 2001:
Here's the list of the famous international celebrities who have been invited to Diego's match of November 10 in Buenos Aires:
Joseph Blatter, Joao Havelange, Corrado Ferlaino, Lenhard Johansson, Julio Grondona, Eduardo De Luca, Nicolás Leóz, Antonio Alegre, Walter Cattáneo, Juan Destéfano, Pelé, Karl Rumenigge, Franz Beckembauer, Johan Cruyff, Salvatore Bagni, Michel Platini, Zico, Rivelinho, Bobby Charlton, Alfredo Distéfano, Mario Kempes, Ricardo Bochini, Blas Giunta, Francisco Cornejo, Jorge Valdano, Carlos Reutemman, Gabriela Sabatini, Guillermo Vilas, Roberto De Vicenzo, Carlos Bilardo, Hernán Montenegro, Agustín Pichot, Vanina Onetto, Ramón Díaz, Oscar Ruggeri, Héctor Veira, Silvio Marzolini, Alfio Basile, Ernesto Duchini, Miguel Angel Lemme, Reinaldo Merlo, Carlos Pachamé, Ricardo Gareca, Enzo Trossero, Jorge Olguín, Marcelo Tinelli, Adrián Suar, Charly García, Joaquín Sabina, Andrés Calamaro, Mario Pergolini, Nicolás Mancera, Antonio Carrizo, Jorge Lanata, Luis Majul, Alfredo Cahe, Néstor Lentini, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Michael Schumacher, Ricky Martin, Joan Manuel Serrat, Carlos Heller, Chayanne, José Luis Rodríguez, Alejandro Sanz, Paul Hewson (Bono), Bernie Ecclestone, Shaquille O'Neal.
September 14, 2001:
On the website there are for sale the tickets for the Maradona tribute match of November 10.
September 8, 2001:
Many soccer stars will take part in the Maradona tribute match: the whole today's Argentina national team and other famous players such as the Brazilians Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos and Cafu will be all in Buenos Aires on November 10.
September 4, 2001:
The tickets for the Maradona tribute match (November 10) will be sold starting on September 10 in Buenos Aires.
August 25, 2001:
The AFA (Argentina Football Association) confirmed the match that will be played in November in Buenos Aires in honor of Maradona. In the meanwhile, Diego started training for the match, losing 8 kilograms in just a week.
August 17, 2001:
It looks more and more likely that on November 10th Maradona will finally play his farewell match in Buenos Aires!
July 18, 2001:
Diego Armando Maradona expressed his dream to play soon his farewell match in the Boca Juniors stadium in Buenos Aires.
Maradona at the 'Bombonera' stadium June 28, 2001:
Boca Juniors wins the Copa Libertadores. Maradona watches the game and celebrates at the stadium supporting his beloved team.
El Dié June 15, 2001:
The comic book "EL DIÉ", dedicated to Maradona, is presented in Naples. It is created and designed by the Argentine author Lucas.
June 5, 2001:
According to the Argentine media, Diego Maradona will go to Cuba to make a tv interview with the leader Fidel Castro and later also with other famous people such as Ricky Martin and Michael Schumacher.
March 30, 2001:
It looks more more and likely that Maradona comes back to play for Argentina! According to the latest news, in the match Argentina vs Peru, scheduled to be played in Buenos Aires next October, the #10 jersey of Argentina will be dressed by the only man who really deserves it!
March 7, 2001:
Diego again in the national team? Maybe he will play his farewell match in the important world cup qualifier Argentina vs Brazil, next September.
January 12, 2001:
Diego comes to Italy and participates in the tv show "Dove ti porta il cuore", broadcast by RAIUNO.
December 22, 2000:
Yo soy el Diego de la gente Diego presents in Buenos Aires his double CD "Yo soy el Diego de la gente". Sony awards him the Platinum Record for selling 60,000 copies. The CD contains the interviews by the Argentine reporters Ernesto Cherquis Bialo and Daniel Arcucci which are also included in his official autobiography released in October.
December 11, 2000:
Award      Maradona and Blatter
Maradona receives the prestigious FIFA award of Best Football Player of the Century in the official FIFA ceremony held in Rome, Italy.
December 4, 2000:
According to the Spanish newspaper AS, Maradona is the winner of the prestigious "FIFA Best Player of the Century" award. It is not official yet, but it looks like it is sure. The award will be given during a ceremony that will take place in Rome, Italy, on December 11.
November 20, 2000:
The worldwide poll to vote the Best Player of the Century on the FIFA official website has ended. Diego is among the candidates.

November 12, 2000:
Maradona plays the farewell match of Valencia in Córdoba, Argentina, showing his intact skill and also scoring a magnificent goal!

October 30, 2000:
Maradona's 40th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIEGO!

October 27, 2000:
Almost certainly in the next days Maradona will start working as a manager of Almagro, a team of the Argentine premier division. The president of the team also said that there is a chance that in a few months we are going to see Diego playing soccer once again!

October 2, 2000:
You can now download the beautiful song (mp3) "Preghiera a Maradona" dedicated to Diego by Tony Sorgente.

September 29, 2000:
Today in Latin America and in Spain the autobiography of Diego, called "Yo soy el Diego", is released. The book was presented by Maradona himself in a press conference in Buenos Aires.

September 22, 2000:
Later next week, in Latin America and Spain the official autobiography of Maradona "Yo soy el Diego" will be released. You can't miss it!

September 9, 2000:
According to the Neapolitan newspaper "Il Mattino", there are strong chances that on January 3rd 2001, in the stadium San Paolo of Naples, Maradona will play a football match with his friends players of Napoli and Argentina. Probably within a month there will be the official presentation of this match. More details to come next week.

August 24, 2000:
The #10 jersey of Napoli has been officially retired from the club in honor of Maradona. Starting next season, no players of Napoli will wear the number 10.

August 5, 2000:
It seems that from the next Serie A season there won't be any football player wearing the number 10 jersey of Napoli: the club decided to retire it forever as a tribute to Diego.

July 6, 2000:
If Argentina qualifies for the world cup 2002 some matches before the last one, then there are strong chances that Maradona plays in one of the remaining matches, wearing again the number 10 jersey of Argentina. It would be the best way to thank him for what he did for the football of his country.

June 24, 2000:
Maradona scores a fantastic goal on a free-kick in the farewell match of Carlos "Pato" Aguilera, played in Montevideo.

June 21, 2000:
Maradona goes to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to comment for an Argentine tv channel the final of the Copa Libertadores won by Boca Juniors on penalties against Palmeiras.

May 26, 2000:
Diego is finally back to a soccer field, playing in the farewell match of Lothar Matthäus at the Olympiastadion in Munich, Germany. He plays for 42 minutes and still shows his pure class.