Maradona, Maradona, Maradona…
Maradona, Maradona, Maradona…

Your left foot had the power
Of a great painter’s brush,
You made the football
To talk to your
Body’s changing moves.
Defenders all over the world
Tried to scare you, tackle you, fowl you,
Could they snatch your external body part,
A football?
You moved like a white lighting
In the dark cloud of opponent’s defense;
Other strikers saw opponent’s goal post,
You aimed to shoot there,
There was one word that fed you
In your entire football career –
Goal, goal, goal.
Not only Argentine fans
But football lovers worldwide
Were crazy because of you,
You were crazy for them, too.
You risked and sacrificed your body
For the enjoyment of millions of fans
Who saw unarguably best skills of
Dribbling and body movement
In entire football arena.
Some say, you are the football God,
Some say, you are the prince of football,
I say, you are a tiger
In white and Indigo stripes
Who started hunting with a ball
In the slums of Buenos Aires,
Who made his mark
In his play for Boca juniors,
Who eventually became
Greatest football sensation
Because of his creativity, fighting spirit,
God gifted football skill;
He was the ‘God’ in world cup
Not because of his hand
But truly for his excellence
In football dribbling with magical left foot,
And don’t forget his contribution
In club football like Napoli and Barcelona,
But there lies his fall from grace
Although that can’t erase his passion for the game,
And all his achievements
Are well preserved in the hearts
Of millions of emotional followers
Who kissed football instead of lover’s lips
And loved shouting –
Maradona, Maradona, Maradona…

Biswajit Ganguly